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OLQs: Develop 15 OLQs To Crack SSB

In this article, we will talk about 15 OLQs and how to acquire each. Before we learn about 15 OLQs, let’s understand about OLQs and their importance first.

The Indian Armed Forces are the epitome of discipline, valor, and leadership. Their selfless devotion to the nation is immense. They exhibit certain qualities that are necessary for dealing with any odd situations. However, the qualities that defence officers express, must be possessed by a candidate before he/she joins the army/navy or air force. 

Apart from OLQs, you should focus on other characteristics like pleasant behavior, gratitude, compassion, etc. which are hallmarks of a good human being. 


OLQs stands for Officer Like Qualities. It refers to qualities that a person must develop to reflect when unfavorable situations come.

Service Selection Board (SSB) tests OLQs of candidates to recruit the eligible one for army/navy or air force. The qualities are checked by Psychologists, Ground Testing Officers, and Interviewing Officers to select future leaders who can use their abilities and thoughts in critical scenario. 

The Indian Armed Forces are the epitome of discipline, valor, and leadership. Their selfless devotion to the nation is immense. They exhibit certain qualities that are necessary for dealing with any odd situations. However, the qualities that defence officers express, must be possessed by a candidate before he/she joins the army/navy or air force. 

Apart from OLQs, you should focus on other characteristics like pleasant behavior, gratitude, compassion, etc. which are hallmarks of a good human being. 

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The 15 Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) are based on the following 4 Factors:

Factor 1: Planning and Organizing

Some people take less time to complete their work. They plan and organize their work to achieve goals and objectives. Planning and organizing ahead make us productive and allow us to get the desired result. Hence, future officers are expected to be organized and execute their work as per the plan.

So, what are the ways to plan and organize work in day-to-day life?

Effective Intelligence:

Effective intelligence is an ability to think and act efficiently, to extract the best result out of work. It is a way to make quick and practical decisions and use available resources to tackle any problems.

Your effective intelligence will be checked in the Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Personal Interview (PI) round. In the SRT round, you will be given  60 questions based on different situations which need to be solved in 30 minutes. SRT, also, checks the person’s ability to deal with critical situations without losing nerves.

How to acquire:

To strengthen your basic intelligence engage in some regular practices such as meditation and reading books or train your brain through games like sudoku, crossword, etc. This practice is a good break from your studies.

Reasoning Ability:

It is an ability of an individual to think logically under extreme conditions. An officer should think rationally to understand and analyze different situations and arrive at a conclusion based on reason.

How to acquire:

A great way to enhance reasoning skills is to try new things regularly. Always pick activities that excite and encourage you to learn more. Reading journals/newspapers or fiction can actually help to think critically with reason. 

Organizing Ability:

We all know how important is it to be organized at work. Believe it, being organized makes the work easily done without any trouble. 

Moreover, organizing work helps to manage the time, resources, and work pressure of an individual. Organizing work reflects the person’s work efficiency, dedication, and sincerity at work.

However, in the SSB process, you will be given a task to complete. Your organizational ability will help you to complete the task with ease. 

How to organize a work in day-to-day life?

Firstly, make a schedule to stay organized. Scheduling helps to manage time and avoid any costly mistakes. Secondly, prioritize your task and focus on short-term goals as it will be easier for you to achieve the long goals. Thirdly, execute the work as per the plan. 

Power of Expression:

While it is important to be organized, expressing thoughts and ideas are equally crucial. Self-expression is the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas with others. It tells who you really are and how you react to different situations. An officer must express his opinion in a healthy way to influence his team for any action. Hence, you being a defence aspirant, should ingrain this quality to be an able officer. 

However, SSB interviewers will check this quality to know the aspirant’s true self. 

How to acquire:

  1. Practice speaking facing the mirror. This is to assess how you speak, so you can improve it. 
  2. Remember Francis Bacon’s words, “ Reading maketh a full man…” Reading makes the person knowledgeable and nourishes the imagination to provide new ideas. The more you read, the more you expand your knowledge. The knowledge you gain will help you to articulate better.
  3.  Another way is to participate in activities or debates where you can interact with people and open yourself up.

Factor 2: Social Adjustment

We all change according to our environment. Change is undeniable no matter how hard one tries. social Adjustment refers to the ability to accommodate or adjust according to the need of the social environment. For a true soldier, constant social adjustment brings confidence and positivity in life.

Explore the social adjustment factor and learn how to get those to be a future officer:

Social Adaptability

Social adaptability means the ability to adapt to a new environment or circumstances as per the need. People who are adaptable find room for growth and gain leadership qualities. 

To be a defence officer adaptability is the most important quality to acquire. This quality is assessed to check a person’s ability to adjust to a team and work in harmony with them.


Whether or not you are able to cooperate with a new member and work in unity with them. During group tasks, this quality will be judged and you must work selflessly.

How to adapt to different environments and cooperate with others?

Social adaptability and cooperation can be acquired through socializing with others, motivating and spreading positive vibes. In addition to these, show respect, irrespective of age, help others in their work and work with the team to achieve common goals.

Sense of Responsibility:

An ideal officer takes up his/her duty seriously and completes them with sincerity. A defence candidate should be a  responsible person who is committed to his work and make effort to reach his target. You must try to complete your duties on time no matter how difficult the task is. 

For example, working with the community members to keep the locality clean.

How to acquire:

  1. Set small goals.
  2. Learn from the consequence of your action and make better decisions.
  3. Be a role model by helping others.

Factor 3: Social Effectiveness


Initiative is when you take a step or an attempt to start any action and finish it till you get the desired result. It is a trait of a great leader who always inspires others too.

During the SSB process, you will be checked how you initiate the work and inspire others too.

How to improve initiative skills?

A great way to improve this skill is to carry out any task with responsibility. Take up challenges and be confident with every step you take. Start practising in your day-to-day life and you will notice the change that it brings to you.

For example, you are a student of class 12 and want to spread awareness about the ill effects of drugs in your school. You approached the head of the club with an idea to start a drug awareness campaign, encouraging others to participate in the initiative.

Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is a quality that every officer must possess. It means having faith in one’s abilities and judgement. People with a healthy sense of self-confidence know their weaknesses and strength well. They accept failure and work on their mistakes which make them successful in life.   

How to boost self-confidence?

  1. Believe in yourself and your potential to reach goals.
  2. Stay away from negative thoughts.
  3. Try to take part in competitions, be it in school or college.
  4. Learn from your failures.

Speed of Decision:

It is the ability of a person to make quick and effective decisions in any complex situation. To save the lives of hundreds of people during emergency situations, an officer has to make a quick and effective decision.

Ability to Influence the Group:

To be an influential leader is a quality of a good officer. A leader must influence others through his action in achieving the desired interest.

Thus, a defence aspirant must show an influential personality and a positive outlook.

How to build the ability to influence?

  1. Express your ideas with clarity.
  2. Be genuine and earn the trust of others around you.
  3. Connect with people and stay positive.


A lively and cheerful person attracts people around them. They resonate with good vibes and are calm under stressful conditions. Therefore, it is important for an officer to be energetic and lively to maintain a healthy environment in any regiment.

How to be lively?

  1. Socialize with people.
  2. value the feelings and thoughts of others.
  3. Try to cheer up others and be responsive.  

Factor 4: Dynamic

Dynamism is an important aspect that every human must adopt. Dynamic means change or progress. A person who adjusts to any environment and holds a positive attitude advances in life. A dynamic person is energetic, courageous and active all the time. Hence, let’s have look at the last factors that a defence aspirant must inculcate:    


Determination refers to a fixed intention to achieve goals despite setbacks. Moreover, a determined person always shows dedication towards his work. Remember, self-confidence and faith accompany determination.

How to acquire:

  1. Create personal goals.
  2. Keep a healthy habit of achieving each goal.
  3. Set deadlines and overcome obstacles.
  4. Read motivational books and share your ideas with elders.


How to acquire:

To acquire this quality you must face fears and cope up with risks. Apart from these, you can read about bold and fearless people in history, debate and voice against wrong.


It is a person’s ability to endure or withstand any critical situation. A defence officer should be physically and mentally strong to face or endure any circumstances that come during his service to the nation.

Ways to develop Stamina:

  1. Inclusion of healthy food in your diet.
  2. Workout regularly.

A defence aspirant must try to acquire all the 15 OLQs to qualify SSB round. You can gain the qualities by including them in your everyday lifestyle. Acquire OLQs to make up your personality and a good leader to lead the nation.

All the best!

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